Friday, July 15, 2005

The First Post

Welcome, friends! And to those of you who are not my friends, let's change that!

Well, I've finally done it. I have created a "blog."

It started out as a senior in high school, under the SgtPepperZL moniker on the Xanga server. Posts became sporadic and uninteresting, as it became just another colossal waste of time and webspace, filled with memes and and rehashes of the previous day's events. But seeing as there wasn't much exciting going on in my life, was it really imperative to tell the world which Simon and Garfunkel album's personality I paralleled most?

Yes. Yes, it was. (I was Bookends.)

Much gratitude is due to Liz Caradonna, who is primarily responsible for my graduation from Xanga to LiveJournal. Being a new college student, a change was in order, and that change came in the form of my ElJay. But that too quickly became a place for a naive college freshman to gripe about his depression. A meme or picture set would occasionally pop up, but let's be honest people.. I was not the most exciting thing on your "friends pages."

In order to fill space, I plugged my comedy shows, informed readers of my semester schedule, and made incomprehensible lists of cities and public transportation systems that made little to no sense whatsoever to people other than myself. Will things like that occupy this new webspace? Yes, I'm sure they will.

But I promise you -- this blog will be a more interesting read, less inane babbling and meaningless memes. And more awesome pictures like this classic of Paul McCartney hanging out with a giant squirrel...


At 7/16/2005 2:15 AM, Anonymous Dad said...

Your writing is revealing: you are a terrific writer, which also means you are a terrific thinker.


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