Tuesday, January 03, 2006

The Fancymen

The Fancymen
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Happy New Year from the Fancymen of the 19 McClellan New Year's party in Amherst, Massachusetts.

I'm going to the sold out Ben Gibbard (of Death Cab for Cutie and The Postal Service) solo show at Bowery Ballroom one week from tonight. I snagged tickets the moment I saw it announced on the Brooklyn Vegan post . Matthew Caws (of Nada Surf) and Andrew Kenny (of American Analog Set) were recently added to the bill, and this is sure to be a really fun and unique show. I'm looking forward to hearing Ben bust out some older Death Cab or even All-Time Quarterback stuff, as well as a few Postal Service songs. Cover songs will most definitely be featured as well.

Gibbard's doing this just two days after he and fellow Death Cab bandmate Nick Harmer take part in The New York Times Arts & Leisure Weekend TimesTalks series, which is completely sold out as well. Stereogum is running a contest for one fan to attend the event and report on it for their website. I've entered, and I think it would be a really fantastic and fun experience. I might be losing points, though, to the girl who has a tattoos based on of two of Death Cab's album covers. Still, I'm envisioning this almost as if it's Inside the Indie Rock Studio. Except without pretentious James Lipton.


At 1/03/2006 4:15 PM, Anonymous Izzy said...

I'm sorry!

you're fantastic.

At 1/04/2006 10:10 AM, Blogger nicole s. said...

i entered too, but i think you have a MUCH better shot of winning than me or that tatoo girl!

At 1/04/2006 8:12 PM, Anonymous Liz said...

My favorite thing about that picture is how Steve looks like a cardboard cutout, and Nate's like "yeah! Check out this cardboard cutout of Steve I received for Christmas! Yeah! You like that! Yeah!"

At 1/05/2006 1:25 AM, Blogger Zach said...

Nicole - Thanks! It really looks like people are either supporting myself or Izzy. Here's to hoping.

Liz - That is a cardboard cutout of Steve. It was supposed to be a late birthday present, but then I thought it was a little too creepy. I dragged it all around the party, though, I'm surprised you don't remember. It's here with me at home in New York now. I look at it every night before I go to sleep.

At 1/08/2006 2:55 AM, Blogger nicole s. said...

neither of you guys got it? that totally sucks. i hope it didn't go to one of those dumb "well i'm a journalism major.." people .... cause i am a journalism major and the last thing you want to do it make that stuff public knowledge during a "fan" contest.

what a freakin' bummer - are you going to the solo show?


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