Monday, December 05, 2005

New Blood

New Blood
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Student Valley Productions is stronger than ever. All three troupes remain on the same plateau, dominating the Herter stage with consistently hilarious comedy shows. This weekend in particular has featured some tremendous highlights:

  • Toast! founder Andy Hobgood flew in from Chicago to fuck around, lead some workshops, and pretend he's allergic to alcohol.

  • IWA debuted three new, very strong performing cast members - BENNY OYAMA, NICK KVILHAUG (seen above on the right about to make out with Brennan), and EVAN BOSHI. All three amazed the crowd with clever scenework and powerhouse jokes.

  • Mission: IMPROVable debuted three new, very strong performing cast members - CARDIGAN (previously known in IWA as Brennan Clark), HOLLYWOOD (previously known in IWA & Sketch-22 as Natalie Baseman), and LE BARON (previously known in, um.. life as Dave Collamore). All three participated in the short-form improv game known as 101.

  • Scott Braidman and Rachel Cummings told me of their plans to move to New York City this summer.
    Sidenote: Be sure to check out Scott in an absolutely ridiculous Dumbledoresque beard in the previous photos.

  • I saw The Squid & The Whale, which you must buy a ticket for, if you haven't already. My favorite film since last summer's Broken Flowers. It captures some family dynamics pretty damn perfect, and might be the most well-communicated movie I've ever seen.

  • I was told of a bar in Pittsfield where patrons have perfect viewing access to see TRAINS.


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