Sunday, October 09, 2005

California, Here I Come

So according to my "About Me" section on my myspace profile, "I wish I was Seth Cohen." But oh no, it's bigger than that. I believe that I really am Seth Cohen. Or, rather, that the character of Seth Cohen was based on me. Seth, of course, is a fictional character created for The OC.

Let's look at the facts, shall we? --
  • Religion: Jewish
  • Music Taste: indie rock (Rooney, Death Cab, The Shins, Ben Folds)
  • Favorite Movies: The Goonies (among others)
  • Favorite books: "On The Road" by Jack Kerouac, graphic novels, and Chuck Klosterman books
  • Fashion Sense: Penguin shirts, humorous t-shirts, Converse and Vans
  • Has a nana in South Florida
  • Makes witty jokes at innappropriate times
  • Hated and made fun of at school
  • Really hot girlfriend
Okay, so maybe I don't have that last one going for me, but check out all the rest of that shit! I mean, come on!

Still don't believe me? Here I am hanging out at a party on September 24th of this year:

And here's Seth hanging out at school in an episode broadcast FIVE DAYS LATER wearing the EXACT SAME SHIRT:

What's that? Still not convinced? Well let's go all the way back to season one, my freshman year of college. At this point I knew about The OC, but had not yet been watching religiously or was even a fan. Here's Seth hanging out at school on an episode that was broadcast on January 21st, 2004:

Here I am in a car on the way to Worcester, MA on February 27th, 2004, just over one month later wearing the EXACT SAME SWEATER. I had still not become a real fan of the show. Notice the collar coming out the top of the sweater in both pictures (I had done a button-down shirt under there instead of a polo earlier in the year, but I don't have a photo of it):

I rest my motherfucking case.


At 10/09/2005 5:50 PM, Anonymous Danny Reynolds Inc. said...

good entry, can't wait to go to the penguin store thanksgiving break


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