Monday, September 12, 2005

Let's Get This Out of the Way

Somebody who calls himself merely The Sage apparently has nothing better to do than go around to different blogs criticizing the authors for what they write, and then call them fools. I feel the need/want to address this here because of how ridiculously sad and pathetic this is.

I like blogs. I like them a lot. I feel that they're greatly enhancing our notions of media, news, entertainment, and the like. Most bloggers, if not all, write these in their free time. And do it for free to entertain, inform, and help people procrastinate. I do this help me out with my basic HTML skills, practice my writing to some extent, and let my friends know what I'm up to who I don't see on an everyday basis. If you don't like what I put there, then don't come back. Nobody's making you read this thing. And if you really have the gall to take the time out of your day to simply voice negative opinions about what you read here, I beg of you to find something more productive to do with your time. I really don't want to hear disagreements from somebody calling me a fool.

What's even more ridiculously sad and pathetic is when these people know personally the author of the blog. Unfortunately, I figured out who it was that wrote this on mine only moments after it was written. I find it very disturbing that this person feels such a need to insult and offend me, trying to seemingly establish and maintain some level of superiority, yet not leave their real name. It is cowardly, concerning, and quite shocking. Don't like what I put here? I ask of you not come back. This is here for free and for your enjoyment.

Note: I don't personally disagree with what Kanye West said on the Hurricane Katrina Relief Telethon. His points were most certainly valid and probably true. But that doesn't mean he didn't make a fool out of himself. I do disagree with the completely wrong forum he chose to voice himself. To use the telethon as his personal venue for attack on the American media and politics was totally inappropriate and bizarre.


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