Thursday, October 27, 2005



I went to the Hampshire Mall in Hadley, Massachusetts yesterday to, among other things, find a Halloween costume. I had some pretty solid ideas, but turned out to be merely very expensive illusions of grandeur, and getting to Nothampton was too much a hassle. By that, I mean I didn't want to leave my dorm room on Sunday for fear of not watching enough Arrested Development reruns or spend enough time not writing important papers.

The store Halloween Extravaganza is an annual seasonal store which is exactly what it sounds like. Bagged, pre-packaged costumes with decorations, makeup, wigs, etc. The store is almost always overcrowded, and with only two employees it tends to be quite the party. The best part is listening to what all the whiney little kids and sex-doctors-to-be college students have to say. One meathead was looking over a "DIRTY & SEXY NURSE" costume when I heard him say "This store is gay, I don't want some wicked lame commercially-produced corporate costume." He then left the store with his fellow meatheads and went into Hot Topic to presumably purchase a "flippin' sweet" Napoleon Dynamite Vote for Pedro t-shirt with matching trucker cap.

Post-Script: I did in fact buy a youth large sized commercially-produced corporate Halloween costume. And you may or may not be able to see my penis in it. I'll have pictures (of me in the costume, not my dick).

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At 10/27/2005 3:00 PM, Blogger The Grunt said...

Archie Bunker called his liberal son-in-law Michael "meathead". Now, we have done a complete 180. Oh, how times have changed! I come from the land of the "freakin' sweet" and am saddened by the corporate leech that locked its sucker around Napolean Dynamite's hiney. Here's a word from the Utah/Idaho region that was not from "NP" that you can use to impress/confuse meatheads with, "fetch", as in: Fetch, the condom just broke! Or, "Aww, fetchin' days, dude! What were you thinking?" Make some t-shirts, ala "Vote for Pedro" featuring this word. It just might "fetch" some good money. Meatheads are the new sheep, just waiting to be fleeced.
Smart blog you got here, BTW.


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