Tuesday, October 18, 2005

The Results Are In!

Mixed reports so far on The Colbert Report. I, personally, am a big fan. Sure, it'll take a while for the show to find its footing, but I love the tossovers with Jon Stewart & Colbert at the tail-end of The Daily Show. Speaking of which, anybody catch Bill O'Reilly on The Daily Show tonight? He came off as an angry, bitter man - which he probably is. O'Reilly said his show still promotes a boycott of France, to which Stewart whispered to him that there actually were no weapons of mass destruction found in Iraq. The audience started violently booing O'Reilly which Stewart tried to discourage at first, but then realized he might as well let them go at it. O'Reilly threatened to come into the crowd at one point, and even name-called Stewart a "pinhead." I can't believe a man this immature and narrow-minded can have his own television program.

Also, on a related note, I threw together a written response late last night for my Media Audiences class based on a reading we had of an Annenberg survey and report of Daily Show viewers being knowledgeable about the 2004 Presidential campaign. I thought I did a pretty shitty, haphazard job with it, but my professor decided to give me a nearly perfect score on it. Read my shitty, wee-hour writing here. See that? That's hosted on my webspace that ODat gave me last year, and I had completely forgotten about it. Finally a way to host files like MP3's to treat y'all to! Let's test this out, as if my shitty essay wasn't enough.

I'm seeing Stars tomorrow night at the Iron Horse Music Hall in Northampton. Here's the opening track off their sophomore disc, Set Yourself On Fire.
MP3: Stars - Your Ex-Lover Is Dead

Hey, remember your first webpage? Geocities, maybe? Angelfire? Tripod? Well that's exactly the sort of page Comedy Central has based its design on for their Colbert Nation website. Damn thing looks like an eleven-year-old created it. I love the little touches like the animated GIFs and the counter at the bottom. Very 1997. Simply brilliant.

Oh, shit, there are no pictures in this entry. That's gotta change. I like this one a lot:

Thanks to Liz for snapping shots of IWA's set. Check out my flickr photoset of last Saturday night's improv & sketch megashow. Another show this Friday night. Here's the deets:
I.W.A. - Improv With Attitude
Friday, 10/21 - Herter 227
and as always, totes free.


At 10/19/2005 1:24 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Set Yourself on Fire is not Stars' sophomore release. It is their third full-length album, thus making it their junior release (if that is even a term). Plus a myriad of EPs.

At 10/19/2005 2:22 PM, Blogger Zach said...

Thanks, "anonymous!" I actually learned this earlier today in an article that was in the Daily Collegian (a truly reliable source, hah). I thought it was the band's second album, because when I bought it I had asked the clerk if they had the Stars album, to which she said that they have two. My mistake, whoops!


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