Friday, January 27, 2006

I Can Butter My Own Bagel!

My friend Dave, and his friend Marty, came up with something wonderful one year ago. Before OC parodies were all the rage, Dave and Marty decided to pen The HP. Focusing on life in the Honors Program at the University of Iowa, the five-episode dramedy dealt with such issues as self-mutilation, homophobia, academic probation, and farting. The duo even got a nice writeup in The Daily Iowan.

The first five 20-minute-or-so episodes were released in the winter and spring of 2005. Detained by busy schedules, transfer students, and just overall laziness, The HP is ready to debut its finale - the long-awaited Episode Six. After nearly a year of anxious toe-tapping, the cliffhanger will finally be resolved in what promises to be an HP of epic proportions. The creators will package the final episode in a DVD stuffed with bonus features including deleted scenes, blooper reels, actual sex videos filmed without cast members' consent, and no-doubt nonsensical commentary tracks. To tide fans over until the the DVD is ready for distribution, a trailer has recently surfaced on the Internet:

View this clip on Vimeo

When asked for comment, creator and star David Blum had to offer but one word:
Past episodes are available here.
Purchase HP merchandise here.