Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Vimeo 4.0

Finally a steady stream of updates to this lame blog, and then I go to New York for five days, and production falters. Although I meant to post while I was in NYC, I kept hesitating. The highlight of my trip home was going to Shea on Monday to see Pedro Martinez win his 200th game in the first Mets-Braves matchup of the season. The Mets have yet to win a game since. At the time of that victory, however, the Amazins were 10-2 and had a five game lead over the second place Braves. Not only was it the best record in baseball (even losing their last two games they still can claim that), but twelve games was the fastest in baseball history that the a team has built a five game division lead.

That wasn't the coolest thing of the weekend, though. Connected Ventures - the creators of CollegeHumor and Busted Tees, among others - launched the redesign of Vimeo. If you're not yet familiar with Vimeo (you should be), it's basically a hipper (and way more awesome) version of YouTube. It's got stronger social networking capabilities, looks a lot better, and is incredibly easy to use. Think of it as Flickr for video clips. I don't have any clips on there yet, but that doesn't mean Vimeo's lame, it means I am.

Zach Klein announces the relaunch on his blog
Jakob Lodwick: Vimeo mastermind
My Flickr photostream
My Flickr profile
My Vimeo profile
MP3: Our Team. Our Time. (that incredibly ridiculous 2006 Mets theme song -- via Central Village)


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