Sunday, August 28, 2005

Arbitrary #1

I swear, the next person to call it "Strong Island" gets this guy crashing through their living room wall.

When did the king of piano rock become such a fucking Newsie? Carry the banner, Billy.

Sorry for the lack of postings lately. It's been a busy end-of-summer.
But I can tell you that:
- I'm a level smarter in improv, according to the UCBT Training Center.
- Water flumes are fantastic, according to Splish Spash.
- You can get a corduroy ottoman with wheels and removable top, according to Target. No, I'm not linking you to fucking Target.
- Stars, The Decemberists, and Death Cab for Cutie are amazing.
- I'm going to miss New York City. But I could've told you that weeks ago.

More substantial stuff coming soon, I promise.


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