Monday, February 20, 2006

Blog Harder

It's been two and a half weeks since I last posted, which I believe is my second-longest absence since I started up this blog last summer. This is not a good trend. For those of you that are reading this in Amherst and surrounding areas, allow me to shill for a moment here...

I. W. A.
improv with attitude
Friday @ 8:00pm - Herter 231
and as always, totes free.

This promises to be a really fantastic show this week. There's going to be a slightly new format to the improv, and also a very special surprise. You'll have to show up to find out what's gonna go down. This is not one to miss.

Also, coming up on March 11th is Student Valley Productions' 4th Annual IMPROVATHON. This year, the event is being extended to run from noon to midnight. That's right, 12 HOURS OF IMPROV. All three SVP troupes will be making appearances - Mission: IMPROVable, IWA, and Sketch-22, along with lots of other surprises, and special one-time-only groups.
Three members of SVP recently sat down in the studios of the campus radio stationto record a promo for the event. Check it out...

MP3: Improvathon Commercial (0:57)

Here's a great New York Times article on Jon Stewart's upcoming Academy Awards hosting gig.

And after a lengthy absence, those witty birds over at indietits have made a comeback:

More frequent posts forthcoming.

Friday, February 03, 2006

Aziz Ansari is a Fucking Badass

Everybody knows that Aziz Ansari is New York City's fast-rising stand-up comedy star. His ability to craft jokes has garnered him the ability to fingerbang the cutest girls in New York. Tonight at 9:00pm he makes his national television debut (I think) on Comedy Central's Premium Blend. The audience loved him at the taping which I attended near the end of the summer, and he was quite possibly the most well-received comic on the show. Much like Central Village, I've been looking forward to this airing ever since I heard he was going to be featured on it. So excited, in fact, that I even made sure I secured myself tickets to the taping. If you don't want to take my word for it, take it from any other of the countless news sources that say Aziz Ansari is the funniest young comedian today. His set is also one of the many highlights on the fantastic "Invite Them Up" CD/DVD compilation based on the New York City variety show of the same name hosted by Eugene Mirman and Bobby Tisdale.

MP3: Aziz Ansari - "Invite Them Up" (via fluxblog)

8/4/05: Aziz and Paul Scheer set me up on a date!
8/8/05: I apologize for saying cruel things about said date

Thursday, February 02, 2006

LiveBlog: The OC

I don't want to be like Seth Cohen anymore.

10/9/05: I am Seth Cohen

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Let The Rain Fall Down

That "Lazy Sunday" video ain't the only great thing being rolled out onto YouTube via television's sketch comedy shows. Believe it or not, perennial second banana MadTV puts out a few winners as well. I think this Laguna Beach parody tops them all. You can now go back to hating MadTV.

Definitely try to pick up the February issue of Spin. Hipster favorite Chuck Klosterman has a piece about Jenny Lewis of Rilo Kiley. If you're feeling a bit too Jewey to shell out the $3.99, the rilokiley livejournal community has scanned the article for your convenience.

MP3: Jenny Lewis with The Watson Twins - You Are What You Love